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Scale of Ukraine reconstruction highlighted at Bauma
Cost of reconstruction could be as high as US$540 billion
Damage of US$63 billion to Ukraine’s infrastructure
Data from the Kyiv School of Economics revels the scale of the infrastructure damage in Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion 
Mammoet halts new business in Russia
Mammoet owner says no new investments, no new projects and no new exports to Russia
Fortrent stays with Cramo & Ramirent
The co-owners will retain ownership of Fortrent, but the business will exit the Ukraine market in 2019
Mammoet flies boilers
Four 140 tonne boilers were loaded onto the world’s largest cargo plane by Mammoet
Fortrent business under review
Ramirent and Cramo ‘consider the sale’ of their joint venture company Fortrent, which operates in Russia and Ukraine
Ukrainian tower crane market poised to rise
A strong rise in demand is forecast for the tower crane market in Ukraine
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