A chat with Ruud Schreijer: RUSCH, your crane partner in every field… and this is why

01 May 2021

Knowing a crane inside out is one thing. Finding a solution for the replacement of a worn out luffing anchor at 35m height is another. Easy? Absolutely not. Possible? With RUSCH: definitely! Let’s get to know this company a bit better, shall we?

Who is RUSCH?

Ruud: ‘Since 1992 RUSCH maintains, repairs and inspects all kinds of cranes, on land and offshore. We are internationally known for complex high quality boom repairs. Besides this we develop high reach demolition machines that can reach up to 90 metres. In fact, we built the highest demolition machine in the world. RUSCH has profound knowledge of crane technology and hydraulics, engines and high quality materials. This is why we can deliver stable, safe and reliable machines meeting special demands. Electrically powered if wanted!’

Tell us about RUSCH projects

Ruud: ‘Recently two YME cranes were transported from Norway to our workshop in the Netherlands. Right now we are inspecting and repairing these big guys to get them ready for sale.‘

‘Another project we are proud of is the repair of a 700t crawler crane boom head. It is quite common for manufacturers to conclude that a crane or part of a crane is ‘end-of-life’. This does not always mean ‘impossible to repair’. In some cases repair is more cost-effective than replacement, especially with cranes older than 5 years. As with the 700t crawler crane: making it as strong and reliable as the original is what we did here. Therefore we used certified material similar in chemical composition and strength as the original and our own certified weld techniques to repair the boom head. We also did magnetic and ultrasone testing of the welds and tests on the construction itself.’

‘Some situations however ask for a completely new solution. As was the case with a luffing anchor that badly needed replacement (under warranty of the OEM). But how to do this safely and reliably at a height of 35m? Two companies said ‘no’, we said ‘yes’ to this challenge. Instead of just replacing the bushing we offered the OEM a re-design of the anchor bush, whereby we could leave the heavy shaft and sheaves in place and just remove the bushing and replace it with a whole new connection. (see picture). The OEM accepted and costs for this replacement were hugely reduced. Sometimes a new solution is better than repair, and RUSCH is capable of doing both.’

What characterizes RUSCH?

Ruud: ‘We always deliver high quality. To guarantee this all our welding procedures have been examined and tested and are proven to be excellent. Repairs are all done according to standard procedures. This means disassembling, welding and construction in a fixed way. Only two other companies in Europe do the same thing. We want to ensure that a machine returns as good and strong as it was and sometimes even better. This is transparent to all of our employers, our partners and our customers.’

What shows the quality of your work?

Ruud: ‘The repairs we do are never returned to our workshop.’

What would you advise companies that have to rely on their cranes every day?

Ruud: ‘Have your cranes maintained regularly and make use of high quality experts. It certainly pays off in terms of a longer service life, less downtime and less chance of unexpected expenses.’

RUSCH, your crane partner in every field. So this is where your slogan comes from!

Ruud: ‘Indeed! All we want is cranes to work properly and operate in all circumstances. So that all over the world people can do amazing projects, offshore and onshore. We are very happy to contribute to this and deliver robust and safe machines, 24/7.’

Need more information? We are happy to be in contact! hko@ruschcranes.com/TEL

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