Terex adds strong new 12 tonne flat top tower crane

red and white terex tower crane High tech electronics help increase performance and operating efficiency on the new Terex CTT 292-12. Photo: Terex

In addition to being a strong lifter, the new Terex CTT 292-12 flat top tower crane boasts a raft of high tech features and is designed for great flexibility in configuration.

The new 12 tonner joins 13 other flat top models in the Terex range from Italy. Below the new model in the existing range is the CTT 231-12. Also a 12 tonne model with a maximum 70 metre jib, it has a smaller, 2.1 tonne, tip load. Above the new model in the existing range is the CTT 332-16, a 16 tonner, with maximum 75 metre jib and 3 tonne tip load.

Sitting between the two above, the new model is rated at a maximum of 12 tonnes, on four falls of rope. Its jib can be up to 70 metres long, at the end of which, according to preliminary specifications, it will lift 3.06 tonnes, making it a strong new lifter in the 200 to 300 tonne-metre class.

Technological advantage

High-tech functions feature strongly on the new model, among other things allowing detailed customisation of parameters. Its main features include: Power Plus, Power Match and the T-Torque slewing technology to give better control over slewing.

Power Plus temporarily raises capacity, giving an extra 10 per cent when needed, while the maximum capacity stays the same. Power Match reduces energy consumption on site. Hoist winch options are 45 or 67 kW units.

For better control of slewing, the T-Torque function uses new inverter technology with the torque control applied directly to the slewing motors. It allows the operator to adjust gear speed, acceleration and the degree of counter-manoeuvre. This is set according to operating conditions, including load type, the crane’s jib and tower configuration, and wind speed.

red and white terex tower crane The first Terex CTT 292-12 on the test pad in Italy. Its electronic systems help provide more precise control of motions, allow instant capture of operating data, and simplify crane setup to help reduce installation time on site. Photo: Terex

The T-Link telematics platform available for this new model allows remote control of crane fleet data from anywhere in the world at any time. It can help increase efficiency and reduce operating cost. Realtime data and a range of analyses help assess the fleet’s performance. Zoning and collision avoidance can also be set up without adding more sensors.

Mechanically, jib length can be altered in 5 metre increments between a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 70 metres. At the end of its shortest jib and at 25 metres radius on some other configurations, with a jib up to 50 metres, it will still lift its 12 tonne maximum.

Another feature is commonality of parts in that some jib sections can be used on other models. The three models CTT 231-12, CTT 292-12 and CTT 332-16 all share. Each jib section has a railing and safety line for fall protection.

Putting it up

Erection can be on either the 2.1 or 2.3 m tower sections. Offering the choice allows a better balance between customer requirements, for example, between the height of the crane and the cost. Maximum height under hook on the TS21 tower is 63.75 metres and on the bigger TS23 it is 81.55 metres, both according to the preliminary data.

inside a tower crane cabin Looking down on the operator’s seat inside the cabin of the Terex CTT 292-12. Image: Terex

The new CTT 292-12 will have the well-known S-pace operator cabin. Its wide glass panels, with side bars for protection, are for good visibility. In addition to the multifunction joystick controls and 7 inch (180 mm) colour touch screen, there is heating and air conditioning built in.

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